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— Daily Tune 10/11/2020

Sophia Kennedy Assumes Two Characters on “Orange Tic Tac”

Sophia Kennedy engages in a musical dialog with two characters on Orange Tic Tac. The avant-garde pop track shifts from heavy electronic distortion and spoken, almost rapped verses to theatric singing performances. The accompanying video shows the singer from Baltimore in different states; the verses are doomy and manically performed with distorted facial expression while the choruses are overly happy. With the contrast darkness and light Sophia Kennedy tells a whole story on Orange Tic Tac, exaggerating every movement and vocal to an almost comic level. “Tic Tac Orange is an American product, and I’m not sure if it was made for children or adults. ‘Does it pass for a sweet candy or is it a kind of dragée for stressed out grown-ups to suck on while having a bad day?’ .

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