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— Daily Tune 13/01/2022

Indie Duo Spoon and the Forkestra Explore Dynamic Soundscapes on “Blink Twice”

The German Duo Spoon and the Forkestra teach an immaculate lesson on dynamic song writing with their release Blink Twice. The song is inhabited by several musical mood swings and combines them to heart-aching indie nostalgia. Emily-Mae Lewis’ vocal performance dances on the guitar riffs and bass lines by her bandmate Timo Zell. The stripped back beginning relies on the rich melodic texture of the vocals but they lead the listener to a heavily instrumented chorus. Instead of drowning the vocals out, Lewis’ voice surfs on the soundscape keeping you on edge and painting an aural image of the dissociation that the lyrics are exploring. Spoon and the Forkestra just released their debut EP The Fondest Flinch and we think you should give it a spin.

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