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— Daily Tune 17/02/2022

Thea Wang Dwells In Lost Memories and New Beginnings on “Tell Me About”

Thea Wang sings from a place where there is no wind. Her vocals, like feathers thrown into the air, sail towards the floor in clear uninterrupted circles. On the Norwegian artist’s debut single, Tell Me About, her bright voice is accompanied by such minimalistic instrumentations that the introspective song almost seems like an a capella effort. On the dreamy indie folk song, Thea Wang turns inwards and examines emotional transitions of growing older. She recounts old memories of hiding in the bushes, and asks to be reminded of who she used to be. She says,“it is about those times when you’re not sure of who you are anymore, and you need someone or something to help you remember”. With Tell Me About the artist created a tender and understanding reminder for anyone who feels lost.

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