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— Daily Tune 18/12/2019

VIL – ‘På Den Sidste Dag’

The shy fire of a candle dances alone in the darkness throwing enourmous shadows onto the walls. You lean forward to gently blow it out. The light is gone, but the wick is still firmly and angrily glowing in bright orange until it evaporates into a grey flag of smoke. Then it is dark, only the slightly burned smell leaves reminiscent of the now-gone light. Påg Den Sidste Dag feels like that. The Icelandic-danish-german Duo VIL, they sound like they draw from these tiny moments of dark nostalgia. Minimal compositions come with the quiet intensity of relentlessly glowing coal, while the almost shamanic chants in Danish and English hypnotize. The deeply resonating bass and the raw electronic elements create an air of doom, which is intensified by the sinister vibe of the video.

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