— Daily Tune 07/07/2020

Tradition Meets Contemporary Influences on YĪN YĪN’s “Haw Phin”

The Dutch four-piece YĪN YĪN are back with another single dwelling on the traditions of East Asian rock and Thai-funk. Haw Phin features the traditional instrument, the Phin, which has its origins in Thai and Laotian culture. The steely ring of its strings creates a unique connection between traditional and contemporary music and embeds itself perfectly in the groovy arrangement of the quartet. The title, Haw Phin, is a play on the Maastricht saying “Haw Pin”, meaning as much as “Stay Strong”, and the instrument. The band recorded a charming video during quarantine, which features each of the members performing at home in front of a camera. Even though distance might separate them, the dynamic vibe of the YĪN YĪN’s instrumentation is as on point as ever.