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— Daily Tune 14/02/2022

“Sentinels” By Cornwall’s A Blaze Of Feather Exhibits A Lush And Enigmatic Framework

The second-to-last single tease for their upcoming third LP Claire’s Lane by Cornwall act A Blaze Of Feather is here and by all means, Sentinels perfectly re-stages the hazy, alluring spirit of the previous releases Belerion or Another Lifetime. Slowly easing its way in through ensnared rhythms and acoustic guitars, along with band head Mickey Smith‘s enigmatic vocal meanderings result in a lush experience that fully embodies the cryptic and subtle potential the band has striven to from its very foundation. If Claire’s Lane is anything like that, it should be the preliminary peak of this aesthetic. It should be questionable though that A Blaze Of Feather remains the well-kept secret it still is now. Before the record drops in March, make sure you check this one out right in the box above.

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