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— Daily Tune 14/09/2020

Californian Pop Treasure Jesse Kivel Re-Emerges With Smooth “William”

In the second half of the 2000s and the first half of the 2010s (we still don’t have a cool name for these decades, right) I massively fell in love with the music of the Jesse Kivel. First their was indie-pop outfit Princeton which he formed with his brother Matt and then we had Kisses, the charming synthpop project he formed with his musical partner and now wife Zinzi Edmundson. Both bands are inactive for a few years now and it’s safe to say we won’t see them return but I’m happy to have Mr. Kivel back with his first ever solo album this November. Infinite Jess follows his really good 2017 debut EP Content and with the tremendous William we’re getting a first single from it. Over five minutes long this song unfolds quite a hypnotic vibe, feeling a bit like a forgotten dream pop gem from the late 80s at the beginning before getting a slightly psychedelic twist towards the end. There’s a bit The War On Drugs in there but not too much, it’s got that Californian pop vibe of the HAIM sisters but with a progressive twist – needless to say, this looks and sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? Infinite Jess arrives on November 23 via New Feelings

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