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— Daily Tune 11/02/2021

Norwegian Outfit Ponette Display New-Found Calm On Their Latest Single “Losing Me”

Previous efforts from beloved Oslo-based band, Ponette include the dark and moody Hours, and an epic cover of All The Things She Said by T.A.T.U.. Indicating that we should expect a wider range of sounds on the upcoming debut album from which Losing Me is taken, are the almost ballad-like qualities of the single. Fronted by Helene Svaland, whose vocals are so pure that it feels at times like you’re listening to an acapella track, this song builds nicely on the foundations the four-piece have laid to date. It’s a minimalistic delight with no distractions besides subtle vocoder and reverb effects. Following the quartets debut EP, I’m Alone, it heightens our anticipation for their debut album, which is set to arrive later this year. Losing Me shines a light on the calmer sides of Ponette and reveals the rich texture of their sonic landscape.

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