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— Daily Tune 10/09/2018

Tales – ‘So Blue’

Different name, familiar quality. Tales is the new moniker of Australian outfit The Winter Gypsy which has already given us such great songs like Bojke and Took Me By last year and was also named as one of our eight new acts to have a closer look at in 2018. It took them a while to return but the dreamy and powerful ballad So Blue was worth the wait. It combines their familiar strength to create haunting and nostalgic-like melodies with a grown confidence. They make sure to not be limited to ‘another indie/folk band’ which is one reason why they ditched their old name (the other one being the outdated ‘gypsy’ term in general). The band around leading man Tushar Singh is heading for new horizons and that path looks pretty promising, if you ask me.

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