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— Daily Tune 30/11/2020

Francis of Delirium Continue To Cause Excitement On Mellow Indie-Rock Anthem “Lakes”

Throughout this weird year Luxembourg-based, Canadian-American two-piece Francis of Delirium has become a steady constant in the whirlwind of 2020, thanks to their powerful and refreshing indie-rock anthems like Circles or the mighty Equality Song. Now the project that’s lead by charismatic songwriter Jana Bahrich returns with another wonderful gem called Lakes. It still got that hazy 90s lo-fi rock charm but appears to be heading further into grungy territory. It shows a more urgent and gritty side of the band and needless to say, it’s not a disappointing move because Bahrich knows how to deliver this one with dignity. There’s this nostalgic notion in the music of Francis Of Delirium, maybe because this one also partly reminds me of early ‘turn-of-the-century-stuff from Death Cab For Cutie. Their sophomore EP Wading is set for a release on February 12.

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